Spangler Content Resoration

The Spangler Content Resoration why use us offers professional quality surface preparation for wood products, metal, ceramic, and any other item that requires an electro-leveled product to be applied. There are four different steps in the Spangler Content resoration system which include: electrostatic attraction, electrostatic removal, the electrostatic discharge, and mechanical drawing. Electrostatic attraction is used with items that need to be protected from moisture and damage, such as tools, hand tools, and even plumbing and HVAC systems.


Electrostatic removal uses a gentle electric charge to attract moisture to a product surface and then removes that moisture, along with any contaminants that have remained on the product during the removal process. This method does not require removal of any protective coating on the product surface. In fact, it does not even require removal of any paint or varnish. The Spangler Content Resoration product surface can withstand the worst conditions and still leave behind a finely ground product that has been restored.


Mechanical drawing uses mechanical pressure to draw materials into a container. It can also be used to draw materials into a container without removing any surface material. The Spangler Content Resoration product surface can handle both, with no worry of leaving behind a muddy mess or damaging the surface of the product itself. All of the products can be used in autoclaves, and you can even use them on items that do not require surface preparation, such as plastic mugs. Professional companies that sell the Spangler Content Resoration product line even suggest that their customers use it on items that are non-porous, and non-toxic to the environment.

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