eSports Australia

If you’re wondering what eSports Australia is check out sportsbetkings, it’s an industry that revolves around a group of gamers that compete online. It’s different to regular gaming because it takes place on a digital battlefield, and the players compete for large amounts of prize money.

Australian esports players have forged their name in the global gaming scene, making themselves known for their skill in a range of games. They have been known to dominate the Oceanic Pro League, and have had international showings at Worlds and Mid-Season Invitationals.

Esports Australia is a thriving industry that has a lot of potentials. It’s expected to grow to AU$ 4.4 billion by 2024.

The industry is growing in popularity, with 68 percent of the population playing video games. These games have changed from a novelty to a more structured sport, where amateurs are competing against each other for prizes and prize money.

The eSports industry has a number of players, coaches, managers, and broadcasters. Several of these are Australian, including Justin “jks” Savage. He’s a veteran Counter-Strike player who’s also the only Aussie to make the HLTV Top 20 Players of the Year ranking.

Other well-known Australian esports players include Damien “kpii” Chok and Aaron “AZR” Ward. The latter is a former member of the Renegades. AZR played for the team from 2016 to 2019.

PGG is a Perth-based organization that primarily competes in the popular League of Legends title. The company’s major fan base is in Brazil.

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